Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Updates: another screener to atlanta, The List in the works, watching the doc with bloggers

- sent off another screener DVD of the doc to Atlanta - this time to Noralil Ryan "ShortEnd Magazine" Fores - so we may read about her thoughts about the doc on the web soon

- am working on creating an INDIE FILM PEOPLE, EVENTS & THINGS MENTIONED & OR DISCUSSED IN INDIE FILM BLOGGER ROAD TRIP list; to keep it short, we'll just refer to this item as The List. I think this list will have both reference (people can look up @ which point in the doc a blog, blogger, or an event is discussed in the doc) & historical value (a list of things that we talked about when we talked about indie film blogs & related matters in summer '08). also promotional value - i'll link to blogs & sites, related articles & posts, from the list. hopefully i'll have this list done soon

- also a tentative doc watching hang out session is scheduled for early Dec. in nyc - for one of the bloggers featured in the doc. i am sure quite a few of these movie watching hang out events will happen in the coming months - will have pics or notes when they do. we almost had one such event happen in late October in Brooklyn, but due to my work/day job schedule & other factors that was cancelled. however, like they say in Lithuania, nov. & december is another story.

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