Monday, November 17, 2008

Submitted the doc to SXSW, IMDb

Got an e-mail from Withoutabox today about a partnership thingy they have with IMDb, and after filling out like 20,000 web pages (more like 15 really) - Indie Film Blogger Road Trip was submitted to IMDb - which, if all goes well, should eventually create the slightly amusing situation where bloggers are credited as actors (there wasn't an option to indicate the role of participants more accurately - as interview subjects in a documentary) - or - where bloggers can tell people to look up their acting credit in IMDb. Fun stuff.

Also submitted the movie to SXSW '09 today. If the flick gets in, it would be a great reason to take a trip to Austin. If not, I can still feel good about supporting SXSW - an arts event - a little w/ my submission fee.

More submissions & screener mailings in the coming days.

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