Friday, December 26, 2008

How many indie film blogs & indie film info/news/review/opinion sites are there?

This was a question that came up often while I was making Indie Film Blogger Road Trip. My guess is that there are several hundred to several thousand sites that I would consider indie film blogs or perform the same function - offer news, opinion, reviews, etc. re: indie film & related matters. So let's take a few days, scan the interwebz, & see if we can figure out how many indie film blogs - roughly - there may be. I am going to limit this list to blogs & sites written in English (since that's what I can read well) and I'll probably skip most blogs & sites set up to promote just one movie - unless such sites also talk about indie film stuff in general. Post your suggestions in the comments section, will check 'em out & add them to the list. I'll probably build the links list until early to mid January.

2/6/09 2:29 AM UPDATE: 133 sites linked, off to promote IFBRT screening & release DNO DVD & make the Brooklyn comedy, will update the list throughout the year as time permits. 1/7/09 3:11 PM UPDATE: adding some new links, will re-number the list later this week. :: 1/1/09 1:35 AM UPDATE: 128 blogs listed & linked! 12/29/08 - 10:57 PM UPDATE: 104 blogs listed & linked (a lot more links - dozens, maybe even hundreds, coming in early January!) Older Updates: 12/26/08, 10:25 PM UPDATE: - Got 69 blogs & sites listed & linked. :: 12/28/08, 12:13 AM UPDATE: - got 85 blogs linked :: 12/28/08, 10:34 PM UPDATE: - 99 blogs listed & linked



a work in progress from late december 2008 to mid january 2009

1- Action! Jackson

2 - Ain't It Cool News

3-All About Indie Filmmaking
4 - All These Wonderful Things
5 - Alternative Film Guide

6- anonymous insider
7 - Anthony Kaufman's blog
8 - Arbogast on Film

9-Armando Valle
10 - Around the Block: Doug Block's Doc Blog
11 - The Art of Memory
12 - ArtForum/Film
13 - Atlanta Film Festival Blog
14 - The Auteurs' Notebook

15 -B-Scene Films

16 - The Back Row Manifesto
17 - Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film
18 - Beyond Mumblecore

19 - Salon's Beyond the Multiplex
20 - Boredom at Its Boredest
21 - Brian Flemming's Weblog
22 - Bright Lights After Dark
23 - Bright Lights Film Journal

24 - Carnivalesque Films blog
25 - The Chutry Experiment
26 - Cinema Echo Chamber
27 - CinemaTech
28 - Cinematical

29-Cinevegas Blog

30-The Circuit
31 - Criterion blog

32- Cynematik


33-The Daily [at] by David Hudson
35 - The Documentary Blog

36-Digital Independence
37 - DIY Days
38 - DIY Filmmaker Sujewa
39 - Doc It Out

40 -Docs Interactive

41-A Doc's Journal

42-Docu-Blog/Steve's POV

43 -Enzian Theater

44 - Everything Else Is Rim Light

45 - eugonline

46 -Film Essent

47 - Film Independent

48 - Film Independent filmmaker blogs

49 -Film of the Month Club
50 - FilmInFocus

51-A Filmmaker's Life
52 - Filmmaker Magazine blog
53 - The Film Panel Notetaker
54 - Friends Are My Art Form


55- Gabe's Declaration of Principles

56-Good Small Films
57 - GreenCine Daily

58 -Greg Pak's Film Talk

59 -Guardian Film Blog

60 - Hammer To Nail
61- HD For Indies
62 - Hollywood Is Talking

63 -Horror 101

64 -The House Next Door

65 - The Independent
66-Independent Film Blog
67-The Independent Eye/IFC blog
68-Indie Features
69-Indie Film Blog
70 - indieWIRE
71 - indieWIRE blogs page

72-iW Insider

73-Info Wants To Be Free
74 - infinicine
75 - The Inside Skinny

76-Invisible Cinema

77-Invisible Woman...Black Cinema At LARGE

78-J.D. Ashcraft's Blog

79-Jared Moshe's weblog

80-Jon Reiss News
82-Jurgen & Marcy's Independent Film Blog

84-JUMP CUTS by James Israel


85-King Blog


86-Let's Make Better Films

87-Like Anna Karina's Sweater

88-Lincoln Blogs

89-The Lost Boy

90-Making Movies In Flyover Country
91- Matt Dentler's Blog

92-Michael in Sao Paulo
93-Movie City Indie
94-Movie Marketing Blog
95-MYFILM "Independent Film News"


96-New Breed

97-NewFest - NewBlog

98-New York Movie Reviews - Village Voice

99-100 Films

100-The Obenson Report
101-Observations on film art and Film Art

102 - One Way Community

103 -Out of Focus


104-Paula's After Thoughts

105-poverty jetSetter



107-The Rabbi Report
108-The Real Indie Film News Blog

109- Reel Artsy
110- The Reeler

111-Reverse Shot


112- The Scandy Factory

113-Screen Rush
114- The Screengrab
115- Self-Reliant Film
116- Shooting Down Pictures
117- Shooting People: Shooting From The Hip
118- ShortEnd Magazine
119 - SoCalFilm Group

120-Some Came Running
121 - Spout
122- Spout blog

124- Steady Diet of Film blog

125-Steven Rosen
126- Still in Motion

127 - Truly Free Film
128 - TrustMovies

129-The Ugly Betty Blog


130 -Week of Wonders


132-Women & Hollywood
133- Workbook Project




OTHER - New blogs, & or mostly Hollywood stuff/some indie stuff blogs, etc. - not counted in the indie film blogs list above, but linked (might be of interest to people interested in indie film blogs):

Alejandro Adams



Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the kind mention, Sujewa!

The Sujewa said...

No prob STM, your blog is weird (in a good way) & interesting - I of course go there mostly for the text.

Chris Hansen said...

Don't forget mine: Making Movies in Flyover Country --

The Sujewa said...

will add it chris.

also i need to add that woody allen blog that i found today.
(is woody allen indie? - i think so - even though he is distributed through h-wood he seems to call all the shots on his movies & i think arranges financing outside of studios)

Ted Hope said...

Nice list! And thanks for the inclusion. Beyond TrulyFreeFilms, I have two other film related blogs -- granted I don't post as regularly to them as TFF.

and I recently added a "Filmmakers'Blogs" column at TFF (where I linked to you) and I think a few of those are not on your list either...

The CineVegrant said...

Any chance you can add the CineVegas Blog to this already fantastic list?

The Sujewa said...

Yeah, Cinevegas blog should work for this list - will check it out & add it this week.

The Sujewa said...

Thanks for the suggestions Ted, will check 'em out this week & thanks for linking to me.

Erin said...

What a great idea. Thanks for the link, Sujewa!

Neil said...

Hi Ekanayake, great idea and resource. I have one that I recently started for my latest feature.

we're in post now, but the videos and posts should be picking up.:-)

Cheers and happy holidays!

JaneKK said...

Hi Sujewa,

Great resource! I just started one in November. It's called All About Indie Filmmaking at I am going to add yours to mine now. Thanks.

The Sujewa said...

Erin, nice name for your blog - reminds me of Fugazi's album Steady Diet of Nothing -

The Sujewa said...

Hey Neil,
At the moment I am leaving blogs dedicated to just one film off the list, but I am sure some people will discover it through your comment.
If you start blogging about indie film stuff in general & or other indie films besides your own, let me know. Thanks.

The Sujewa said...

JaneKK, will check out your blog this week for addition to the list. thanks.

The Sujewa said...

I also need to add the link to David Hudson's new IFC blog, also there are a bunch of iW hosted blogs that I haven't added yet, plus I may be missing some from the IFBRT bloggers list - maybe at least another 20 blogs total there (from all 3 sources listed above) to add to this list - which will take the total # over 100.

Plus Village Voice & a few other alterna weeklys may have film blog type pages on their sites that would qualify for this list.

JaneKK said...

Thanks for the add! I appreciate it. I look forward to checking out the list you have gathered and refer those who read my blog to it. It's a really great way to promote indie filmmaking in this DIY atmosphere. - Jane

The Sujewa said...

No prob JaneKK. Yup, good links = happy readers.

Alejandro Adams said...

Until about a week ago, I had blogged only on my film production sites, but sprawl was becoming an issue. My new blog about film(s) in general is here: (A whopping two entries!)

Anonymous said...

Good to see the list is growing rapidly! I wrote a piece about your project over at my 'spot earlier today. Hope it helps.

cinetrix said...

Definitely Jennifer MacMillan's Invisible Cinema

The Sujewa said...

Yeah, both the cinetrix blog & invisible cinema blogs should work for this list.

will also check out your blogs alejandro.

also, i need to take a look at the links at Chutry Experiment, GreenCine Daily, Filmmaker Mag blog to see which blogs might work out for this list - probably at least another 50 good candidates through links on those 3 blogs.

CohaganLA said...

I am the editor for Film Independent's newly revamped website,
We have blogs, interviews and headlines all pertaining to the indie film world.

The Sujewa said...


Visited your blog. I like the 2 entries there BUT since it's just 2 entries (but the blog is promising) I placed in under a category called OTHER - for blogs that are too new, or cover mostly Hollywood stuff/some indie stuff, etc. Good luck with the blog.

Alejandro Adams said...

No problem. I'm used to having my own category. Glad you liked the entries.

The Sujewa said...

Hey Alejandro,

Cool, maybe in a couple of months or so or a dozen more blog entries later we can group your blog in with the rest. At the moment I want people to find a quite a bit of interesting stuff when they click on most of the numbered blogs. Also, let us know when & where your movies can be seen.

And, did you see Mongol? (recent russian? pic - part one of a multi-part bio epic about genghis khan (sp?))

- Sujewa

alpercagatay said...

For a unique look. Please add mine:

Eric Kohn said...

I've been slow at updating my iW blog, but try to keep it fresh as much as possible:

The Sujewa said...

I need to add The Evening Class to this list.

I plan on doing the next update to the list on 1/1 or 1/2.

Happy New year All!

If ya think of more blog suggestions for inclusion in this list, leave 'em please.

Joe said...

Our Indie film is keeping a blog on the movie's website, as it heads to festivals:

It's not too busy yet, but we're planning to post a revealing behind-the-scenes production diary as well.

Jentri said...

Beautiful idea! Here's one:
I've recently started an indie filmmaking blog to document the creation of my first feature. It's also a resource for new indie filmmakers, providing helpful links and industry connections. Thanks for your time & consideration.

Hawkes said...

Here's a suggestion... not a blog, but an indie filmmaking site: Indie Filmmaking

Anonymous said...

Please check out THE IFP INDEPENDENT FILM LAB BLOGS, there are a bunch of films there supported by IFP

and my blog:

The Mountain Thief

Mike Merell said...


I would greatly appreciate an add.
Been working hard on my film for years and I like your blog.
Check out my website and facebook page as well.
facebook -> Desert Vows the movie

Mike Merell

Nic said...

I'd love for you to add our site Thanks a bunch! Great collection of sites so far!

Raffi said...

Amazing list...if you'd like, I also have a film related blog called "Sculpting in Time" so feel free to add me as well. Thanks!

Karen said...

Thanks for the link. I'll have to check out some of the others.

Zachary Hayes said...

Great list, Blogger has made it too difficult to find other indie film blogs so this helps.

You might be sick of hearing this, but I have a blog about my journey through film school called The Reel World of Zachary Hayes.

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip - Episode 1: Visiting Obenson & Harris in Brooklyn


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