Sunday, July 27, 2008

Silver Spring to Kensington to Brooklyn to Fayetteville to Atlanta to Towson to Queens, then back to Brooklyn, back to Silver Spring to DC

All the cities mentioned in the title of this post, and in that order, were places where I filmed (and to be filmed in DC tomorrow) interviews with indie film bloggers for this project. This road trip aspect of the project will have to be a key part of the structure of the doc. After tomorrow's interview in DC, I can start cutting this thing. It's gonna be sweet.

Final title of the movie may be Indie Film Blogger Road Trip.

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip

After surfing the internet superhighways and visiting blogs about independent film for several years, filmmaker and blogger Sujewa Ekanayake decides to get on the real highways in summer 2008 and visit the writers behind some of his favorite indie film blogs. The resulting indie film blogger road trip takes us to several cities in the east coast and a couple of boroughs of New York City, and we meet a dozen bloggers; citizens of the new independent film news republic, centers for a new media community. more soon...

Copyright 2008 Sujewa Ekanayake

- Sujewa

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