Friday, June 27, 2008

The full title of the doc

I came up with the full title for this documentary a couple of days ago; here it is:

The Indie Film Bloggers: A Portrait of a Community

One of the creative models for this project is Robert Frank's photo book (w/ text by Jack Kerouac) called The Americans (we will have to see how that idea actually applies to a digital video documentary full or interviews; but nevertheless, that's how things got started). So I think it is appropriate that the word portrait is in the full title of the doc (since these days we think of still photographs when we think of the word portrait - probably, I guess some people would still think of paintings).

What is a community? My off-the-top-of-my-head definition is: a group of people with common values, and or a group of people who share a geographic space. There are many small communities created by common interests within the larger indie film blogger world. And perhaps some bloggers feel that there is actually no indie film blogger community in a traditional sense of the world, and that blogging is mostly just a way to promote yourself & your work. This - the existence or lack of existence of community, and the nature of such if certain individuals believe that there is a community of indie film bloggers - will be a topic that will be discussed in the doc.

I came up with the full title for the doc this past Wednesday - after a day of mostly sleeping & then getting some coffee & food at the Wheaton, MD IHOP late at night/early morning. Something about all night restaurants, bright lights & coffee; I've gotten a lot of good ideas at such places/situations. Go IHOP Wheaton! - I guess :)

- Sujewa

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